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Musical Portraits

What do you get for someone who has everything? A lyrical, personal song filled with unique stories and details about their remarkable, beautiful life. This song will be a memory that is sure to delight the recipient and family and last a lifetime... and even longer. Robinson has a true  gift for taking the raw details a the subject's life, from interviews with family and friends and spinning them into a piece of heartwarming, poetic and unforgettable music. Truly the gift that keeps on giving, your Musical Portrait will be recorded to treasure forever and share with all.




Laura connects with the giver(s) and conducts an interview (either in person or online) posing a myriad of questions bout the recipient - where they were born, went to school, favorite friends, travels, funny experiences, special qualities. Over the course of a few weeks she turns the raw material of the subject's life - the special in-jokes, milestones and stories into an anthem in their honor. She connects again with the givers to finalize the lyrics and melody and finally  sends a professional recording, a framable handwritten lyric sheet, and a printed one. Laura can also attend and perform it live, if that is doable and desired. 

Choosing to give a "Musical Portrait" by Laura Robinson for your loved one's birthday, wedding, or any other special occasion is truly a memorable and moving gift.  Please email for prices and more details.

Some of Laura's previous Musical Portraits

Jon Jonssen

00:00 / 05:26

Beautiful Life (The Ballad Of Jon Jonssen) 


April in Cypress, a bright Wednesday morn

The miraculous day that Jon Eric was born

To Finnar and Maggie, their dream had begun

As they first held their new baby son


Then Kenya’s plains we’re the place that you roamed

Nairobi became your childhood home 

Warm days and nights so alive and so wild

What a magical place for a child

Hot summer days in Israel 

You played till the calm Naharia night fell 

With aunties, uncles and cousins to love 

You were thanking your stars up above 


Jon Jonnson you’re truly a wonderful guy 

Half a century lived in the blink of an eye

Your mother and sons, your dear friends and your wife

Here to celebrate you and your beautiful life


Then England was calling to high education 

Creating your personal reputation 

A head boy and man of compassion and fun

Heart as big as the African sun

At Kent you met Jeff a true mate of your soul

His spirit stays with you wherever you go

Your love for your friends is a deep as the Bay 

You can’t wait to swim each summer day

One Shabbat sundown in bustling Hong Kong

You sat next to a beauty with eyes bright and strong 

She was feisty and kind and somehow you just knew 

That God’s hand was right there guiding you 

She said that she just loved to hike and to run

You said “ So do I” and the race was begun

You climbed Dragon’s Back, fell in love, took her hand

And then Canada became your next homeland 

Once married you trekked ‘round the world as one

Saw so many sights like two kids on the run 

Made travelogue memories, just like a song

And then Noah would soon come along

Fatherhood changed you in every way.

Your heart was expanded each night and day.

Then heaven opened another new door

When sweet Adi was born and the three became four


In the book of your life there are so many pages

Your work and your family, all of your stages 

Each chapter filled with bright days that are done 

But your future’s the story that’s only begun


00:00 / 04:09


She’s a woman like no other, a sister, friend and mother
And if you ever need somebody she’s the one you want to call
Throws a dinner party for thirty, that Cabi dress ain’t even dirty
Sinks a long putt for birdie, yeah, she can really do it all
And this is just a song from us to tell you what you mean

You started out in Ingleside, in your family you were the fourth child
And your mother Marjorie always knew you were gonna do big things
They all called you the “studious one,” but that didn’t stop you from havin’ fun
Playing baseball every summer, ridin’ snowmobiles till early spring

You’re the life of every party ‘cause you got those Acres genes

At university in Kingston you met a girl from England
You and Deb were destined to be friends from that very first class and day
Drinkin’ Baby Duck and Alfie’s Pub, you had brains and beauty and shared the   love
Heart to heart and eye to eye, that’s always been your way
And just like your daughter you treasure those times you had at Queens

Your greatest joys have been your kids, the best thing that you ever did
Throughout the years you’ve held on tight and made so many memories
All the hockey games and Europe trips, from Tremblant to the Alps ski lifts
Hot days down in Cuba and watching sunsets in the breeze
Motherhood with Alex and Sam fulfilled your deepest dreams

You’ve always been the passionate one that loves to laugh and get ‘er done
With a brilliant healing practice at the centre of Country Place
Your friendships here are off the charts, parents and kids all share their hearts
And no matter where you travel a home like this is hard to replace
You’re one in a million and to so many you are a queen
You live your life with purpose, that’s the way it’s always been
And you’ll probably never, ever know how much you really mean
Charlene, Charlene


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