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Game Inventor

Robinson has been inventing games for most of her adult life. She co-invented the mega-selling, hilarious bluffing game, Balderdash in her 20s and subsequently created party games, Pictionary Mania and Identity Crisis (which became the game show, Celebrity Name Game). She also co-created two family games; Count Your Blessings - with iconic book series and brand, Chicken Soup for The Soul brand and The 7 Habits of Happy Kids with the Stephen Covey organization. Balderdash has become a true classic with over 20 million copies sold, worldwide!

Robinson also consults with aspiring game inventors, guiding them to next action steps with their own original game concepts and assisting with developing, and pitching to high level industry contacts. 



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Balderdash contains several cards with real words nobody has heard of. After one of those words has been read aloud, players try to come up with definitions that at least sound plausible, because points are later awarded for every opposing player who guessed that your definition was the correct one.

7 Habits of Healthy Kids

This game introduces, practices, and promotes 7 kid-friendly principles of personal happiness. 

Players choose their playing pieces – characters are from the best-selling 7 Habits of Happy Kids books! They take turns reading cards, responding, and moving around the board to collect tokens for each of the 7 Habits. The first player to fill his or her token holder with 7 tokens becomes the card reader. Play continues until all players have filled their token holders – a true win-win!

Balderdash, 4.jpg

Identity Crisis

A team-based game where you compete to guess famous identities based on the clues given by your team mates. In the first round you give verbal clues, in the second round you give one-word clues (to the same celebrities used in round one). You also have "Crisis" cards, which indicate that players from either team can guess on this turn. The game includes a timer to limit the clue givers to one minute.

Identity Crisis, 1_edited.png
Pictionary Mania.jpg

Pictionary Mania

Similar to Pictionary, but now, there are 5 new ways to play:
-Body Doodle
-Draw Back
-Eyes Wide Shut
-Direct a draw
Besides, the path to winner's circle can get shorter or longer.
It uses doodle pro boards instead of papers and pencils for drawing, and it is now for only 2 teams, with each team has 2 or more players.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 8.08.19 PM.png

Chicken Soup
for Soul: Count
Your Blessings

The fun feel good family game that gets everybody talking.

The game is inspired by the #1 selling New York Times book series

Count Your Blessings and is all about finding the bright side to each scenario on the cards.

Everyone wins when we all remember to count our blessings!

There are no hard and fast rules, only fun.

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